elemental winter composite

2 artists, 4 elements, 6 workshops, 8 women

An experiential exploration of the elements through movement, site-specific artworks and meditation. Create a visual memoir of your elemental journey through earth, air, fire & water and what they mean to you.
elemental-winter-02Artists Clare Whistler & Xaverine MA Bates bring their experience with a wish to explore the 4 elements through 6 site-specific workshops, which are embodied, ephemeral & experiential.  Two bookend workshop meetings to unfold and fold up the experience are held indoors and the other four meetings are in locations chosen as being most expressive of each element, so be prepared for weather i.e. the elements!

We welcome those who have an interest in exploring the senses experientially: by appealing to more than just sight, to include touch, smell, taste and sound. Drawing on the Greek Goddesses, the four humours, fairy tales, myth, archetype and much more, we will create impermanent artworks in the landscape making and leaving traces through meditation, dance, talks, walks, art making, writing, assembling, sharing and imagining.

Join us to explore the elements you most identify with and expand your awareness of the elemental around and within us all. For details of previous projects, click here.
elemental background 2018
About the artists

Clare is a collaborative site responsive maker, whose work aims to create an art that loosens boundaries between the disciplines, an art which can be a metaphor for opening up perception, experience, time and focus. She seeks to find ways to offer insight, feeling, and moments of timeless beauty, whether in performance, site-specific work, text, music, visual art and landscape. With a source in movement, dance and gesture, she responds, interprets and collaborates. As an artist she is always looking for ways to encourage, ignite and inspire creativity in others.

Xaverine is a multi-disciplinary artist & writer exploring themes of gender, mental health, consciousness and intersectional eco-feminism. She crosses mediums, embracing photography, performance, poetry, installation, drawing and sculpture. She has collaborated with other artists on many occasions and loves the transformative process of collaboration: the fusion of ideas to create something altogether new.